Accept Donations

MemWare allows you to track both online/offline payments for event registrations, membership dues/fees, and contributions or donations.

Event Registration

Schedule an unlimited number of events, each with automatic notifications for your contacts.  Easily maintain a list of registrants.

Contact Management

Automatically and securely maintain a clean, up-to-date member list and contact database that can be exported and emailed.


eNewsletter Blasts

Create & send personalized newsletters and mass emails with advanced subscribe and unsubscribe features to any or all membership levels.

Account Administrators

Create unlimited administrator accounts for your staff and authorized volunteers to securely access the website and use any of its features.

MemWare is perfect for:


  • Board Members
  • Churches
  • Community Organization
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Conferences/Events
  • Extended Families
  • Gym Memberships
  • Political Campaigns
  • Social Networks
  • Workgroups

You built it, they came…now take control.


Introducing MemWare, the affordable, intuitive and simplified application you can use to take complete control of your organization's online member community and valuable member data. We supply you with easy-to-use tools to manage, customize and control the features of your website regardless your technical skill.


Simple and straightforward, MemWare will quickly become one of your company’s most reliable assets, saving you money and tedious hours of jumping from one application to another.